Gaborone: September 18, 2014: Board of Directors, Shareholders of Exponential Building, Captains of Industries and Media Houses gathered together in the morning, to officially launch an eight floor Premier Property Building.

GABORONE: September 3, 2014: The Global Competitiveness Report (GCR) 2014-15 was released today. In this year’s report, Botswana’s ranking remained stable at 74th place out of 144 countries and, fourth in the region behind Mauritius (39), South Africa (56) and Rwanda (62). Though the country’s position has not changed, it has improved in quality scores from 4.1 last year to 4.2 this year out of a maximum of score of 7. The comparative rankings are 74th for 2013/14; 79th for 2012/13; and 80th for 2011/12.

Economic Diversification Drive (EDD) is a national strategy aimed at accelerating diversification of the economy through the development of globally competitive enterprises. EDD is two-pronged: first, is the Short-Term strategy which is based on Government interventions, and second, is the Medium-to-Long Term Strategy that envisages development of globally competitive enterprises that need little or no Government support.

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