Starting a business in Botswana


To operate a business in Botswana it is advisable to register a company, a business name or a co-operative society.

Once you have registered your company or business you need to apply for a licence with the relevant government department.

A company is a legal entity which arises when one or more persons form a corporate body which can   acquire personality separate from that of its members with some legal powers to sue, or be sued, own property and make contracts.

Whilst a business name is a name, title, description or a way of doing business, whether in partnership or otherwise. The owner is not separate from the business itself. It has less registration requirements compared to a company.

A cooperative society is an autonomous association of persons who voluntarily come together to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise. The law in Botswana encourages the registration and development of a self-reliant co-operative movement providing for the economic interests and welfare of its members within the framework of the policies for national development.

When registering a Company or Business, the process entails;

  • selecting and reserving the name for your business, please check in our database if it is already registered to improve the cahnces of getting that name.
  • Registering the name.

Selecting Company or Business Name

Companies and Business Names are regulated by Companies Act Cap:42:01 and Registration of Business Names Act Cap:42:05 respectively.