The Importance of Trade Facilitation

This paper is aimed at disseminating information on the concept of Trade Facilitation, its importance to Botswana as a land surrounded country; and developments around the subject, with emphasis on the benefits to be derived from the World Trade Organisation Agreement on Trade Facilitation once implemented.

Non-authentic press release

It is with great concern that the Ministry of Trade and Industry finds itself having to react to a hoax "Press Release" that is doing rounds on social media, purporting to have been issued by the Ministry. The said “Press Release” dated 14th December 2015, titled “INCREASE OF THE LEVY ON ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES’’ states that Government has decided to increase the levy on alcoholic beverages.

Economic Diversification Drive

Economic Diversification Drive (EDD) is a national strategy aimed at accelerating diversification of the economy through the development of globally competitive enterprises. EDD is two-pronged: first, is the Short-Term strategy which is based on Government interventions, and second, is the Medium-to-Long Term Strategy that envisages development of globally competitive enterprises that need little or no Government support.